A YEAR ROUND Softball Performance Program to take your game to the NEXT LEVEL
The Softball Performance Network was developed to give every softball coach, player and parent the resources they need to take their game to the next level. Players are becoming bigger, faster and stronger like never before.  

When talking to college evaluators and coaches the #1 one recommendation they give all players is to become the best athlete as possible and learn how to take care of their bodies.  

We've all heard the saying "you throw like a girl"...well its true..YOU DO!  

There are some very specific reasons for this and they can't be ignored if you want to keep yourself performing at a high level while keeping yourself HEALTHY.  Yes HEALTHY! We are seeing injuries occur in female athletes at a rapid pace and there are good reasons why. These issues need to be addressed and monitored throughout a players development.  

In the SPN Performance Program, each player will be able to train regardless of what season they are in or how many sports they are playing. Everyone will fall into a training season and work can be done!  

In softball, we must develop core, strong stabilizers, and explosive but flexible prime movers. Using our functional, ground based training methods that will incorporate speed, strength, and flexibility movements, your muscles will maximize motor unit recruitment making you more mobile and powerful. 
Most players feel like there is no off season. So when do they train? How do they recover?  

Players will be able to train with less of a chance of plateauing in the program. Since movements in softball do not isolate muscles in one plane of motion, training will focus on complex, multi-joint exercises through various planes of motion.  

In softball, we must develop core, strong stabilizers, and explosive but flexible prime movers. Using our functional, ground based training methods that will incorporate speed, strength, and flexibility movements, your muscles will maximize motor unit recruitment making you more mobile and powerful.

The Philosophy of the SPN Performance Program is to work off our CORE Philosophy which will focus on developing a stable base of support, the ability to generate forces that will transfer more efficiently throughout the body, creating a more effective movement pattern. 

Program Goals

There are 3 main program goals:

1- Increase athletic performance and maximize potential.
2- Aid in reducing the probability of injury.
3- Install healthy habits that will stay with each athlete throughout their playing career. 
Inside the program you will find out exactly where you should start.  Once you know where you will start we will begin your journey of long term athletic development. It will be like you have your very own Strength & Conditioning Coach with you every step of the way.  

With the goal of Long Term Athletic Development, every month you will receive a new program based on the program you completed the previous month.  Every aspect of the program will be progressed.  Each month there will be an updated plan for you based on the program you will begin in.

The SPN Performance Program will map out your annual plan that can be followed throughout the year to make you injury FREE and help you become a high performer on the field.    

The program will follow the SPN Annual Plan.  This is the blueprint to your success.  The 12 month plan is broken into training seasons.  This will allow EVERY player to fall into a training season.  The seasons will differ based on various conditions. Regardless of the condition, every player will have a program that will benefit them in their development.  

Specialty programs will be important to maintain and incorporate in order to prevent injuries and keep you improving throughout the year. Throughout the program, the annual plan will be detailed to meet every player's needs.  Below is an example of the SPN Annual Plan.  

Once you find your starting point then you will follow your program.  You will have either a 2 day or 3 day program.  Now I know you may be thinking I need 4 or even 5...Don't worry we will have you covered.  We will show you exactly what you need to do to make this program fit to your exact needs based on YOUR schedule and goals. 

Your training schedule has the be CONSISTENT in order to reap all the benefits.  It has to fit your schedule in order to make the appropriate progressions and get the results necessary to continue your athletic development. 
Movement Prep: Daily Warm Up ( PDF )
Training Template ( PDF )
In order to have success in any program you must make a level of commitment.  This is not your typical program.  This program is the stepping stone to your long term athletic development and success on the field.   This is NOT a program that you can put on the shelf and expect results.  We will provide you with all the tools to have success with the program.  

The program will require a 3 month commitment.  Over those 12 weeks we will progress your program based on how YOU are responding to the program.  The program will be broken down into 3,  4 week training phases.  If you stick to program you will  become a better player.  
The Program will Include the following: 
Movement prep is important when achieving peak performance and preventing injuries. We incorporate foam rolling and dynamic stretches to prepare your body for the workout resulting in improved range of motion, faster recovery and better overall results.
Get loose with unique sport-specific warm-up drills designed to improve coordination, muscle elasticity and explosiveness. 
Speed & Agility training is important when building a great sports performance program. 

 Each speed & agility drill is customized for softball players based on your strengths and weaknesses.
Power is producing the greatest amount of force in the shortest period of time -- a critical factor in any sport. 

Don't just build strength, build explosive power by learning to apply your strength effectively. 
ESD is a scientific approach to conditioning our athletes and preparing them for the rigors of competition. 
Stretching, soft tissue work, and nutritional education help our athletes recover faster and feel better.
$29.99 / MONTH
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